103rd Floor Glass Ledge Cracks Beneath Family At 1,353 feet


A family visiting the 103rd floor of a skyscraper were terrified after a see-through glass ledge cracked beneath them.

The incident happened at Chicago’s Willis Tower (previously the Sears Tower) on Wednesday night.

Tony Saldana was posing for pictures with his cousins on the Skydeck’s The Ledge attraction, which allows visitors to stand over a 1,353 feet drop.


‘All of us collectively start getting up, and it’s at that point that we hear and feel the glass start shattering,’ he told CBS.

‘Mind you, this is happening in an instant. Incredibly fast.

‘We see it completely just shatter all the way through, and at that point, all four of us just completely rushed right out of it.’



Officials said the popular tourist attraction was safe despite staff having to evacuate people from the building following the incident.

In a statement, Willis Tower said a protective coating covering the glass surface cracked, not the glass itself.

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