Britain’s First ‘Pound Pub’ Opens It’s Doors In Middlesbrough


The Pound Pub is offering pints of beer for just £1.50 and halves for £1 is set to open next month, and they’re set to open in your area.

It will sell alcohol from 8am and could become a national chain if the first one in Stockton-on-Tees is successful.

Its prices are half the average of £3.05 for a pint in the north-east.

But some politicians have turned their noses up at the plan. They say it will give the wrong image to the town, which is being refurbished at a cost of £38million.

Cllr Phil Dennis, from Stockton council, said: ‘I have doubts and concerns about the ability of such a venue to control the environment.

‘They are effectively selling at a point where the quality of clientele will likely match the price of the product on offer.’


PoundPub is scheduled to open its doors over Easter and used to be known as Georgia Browns. A four-month trial at a pub in Atherton, Greater Manchester, showed that the business idea was feasible.

Mike Wardell, a director of the company which owns the premises, insisted it encourages responsible drinking and wouldn’t serve drunks.

He questioned why supermarkets could sell beers for 40p a can without the council interfering.

The businessman said he wanted to appeal to the kind of people who would have visited working men’s clubs, rather than party animals.

Mr Wardell added: ‘I suppose it’s a bit cheesy but the phrase we’re going for is “get more round for your pound”.

‘At a time when 12 pubs a week are closing around the country, we have to think outside the box a bit.’

The PoundPub aims to cut overheads by ditching extras such as sport on a big screen.

Some campaigners worry that the brand’s presence in the north-east, a region where alcohol-related deaths are above the national average, will cause more adults to drink heavily.

Colin Shevills, campaigner for the awareness group Balance, said: ‘We need to wake up to the problems that cheap alcohol is causing both in the short and long term.’

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