British Girl Blows 20 Lads In Magaluf For £2 Bottle Of Cava


Who knew 24 blowjobs were worth £2.50? You learn something new every day. As did I, when a video of a girl “mamading” in a nightclub went viral today.

The goal - apparently - is to give the most blowjobs in the shortest amount of time, and this girl is pretty good at the old “mamading”. We’re saying “mamading” a lot.


The crazy two-and-a-half-minute footage of a British girl (woohoo for Britain) giving over 20 blowies received a barrage of attention this afternoon - mostly bad.

The video is obviously extremely NSFW, but if you can’t read the article without having to watch it, you can find it here.

The talented lass apparently received a 3 euro bottle of Cava for her actions, that are normal tradition on the infamous Spanish island.

According to some sources, the trend has been occurring for a few years, but is recently getting a lot worse.

People don’t seem to happy on Twitter either..

Expect more videos, this is going to be neknom all over again. Or neckNOMNOM. (Sorry).

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