eBay Seller Uses Sex Doll To Advertise 1990 VW Golf

An eBay advert for a second-hand Volkswagen Golf has gone viral after its owner used a sex doll to help sell it.

Angus Dean wanted to grab the attention of Britain’s car buyers to shift the 1990 VW, and an enterprising friend suggested using a lifelike doll to model for a photoshoot on the old car.

The pair used a ‘poseable mannequin’ called Sandy to stand in a number of positions inside and next to the German hatchback.

Sandy also pointed out the areas of rust on the Volkswagen and posed in the driver’s seat.

Angus, 47, an estate manager from East Grinstead, Sussex, said: ‘I thought it was a great idea and I’ve had people ringing up about it.

‘We did the same with a ride-on mower and it sold straight away.

‘The car needs a bit of work to get it back on the road but it is a future classic. Hopefully the doll helps sell it.’

Sandy’s owner, a married father-of-three who does not wish to be named, uses the doll for professional purposes because they come ‘without the fuss’ of the real model.

He said: ‘I have asked models if they would pose for eBay adverts before and most aren’t interested in it.

‘Poseable mannequins are ready and do what you need them to do. You don’t get the fuss you might get with models.

‘You don’t need to feed them or pick them up from the train station and you don’t need to pay them any royalties.

‘There are an enormous number of cars for sale and the mannequins are a way to grab your attention.’

The advert, listed as ‘Classic VW Golf 1.8, MK2′, was uploaded to eBay again after the previous buyer didn’t come forward to pay.

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