Forget The E-Cig, The World’s First E-Joint Is Here

You’ve heard of the e-cigarette, but how about the e-joint?


The invention from (yes, you guessed it) the Netherlands is thought to be the world’s first electronic spliff.

Company E-Njoint BV produce 10,000 fruity-flavoured joints every day which are rolled out across Europe. It contains no THC, tobacco or nicotine, making it 100 per cent legal.

jointchrome-2 (1)

But the latest edition allows users to fill the blunt with their own cannabis liquid or dry herbs.

E-Njoint is in discussions with Tikun Olam, a business specialising in medicinal marijuana, to help produce products for the health industry.

E-Njoint CEO Menno Contant said: ‘Holland is well known in the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude toward soft drugs and the introduction of this new product clearly makes a statement: As long as you don’t bother or disturb other people and stay within the legal boundaries, all is well.’

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