Little Lad Rescues Dogs, Internet Responds In Amazing Way


A kind-hearted boy who found internet fame after using his pocket money to help feed stray dogs is set to open his own animal shelter after receiving more than £27,000 in online donations.

Ken Amante captured the hearts of thousands around the world after his father shared pictures of him feeding the starving dogs on the streets of southern Philippines.

And now the nine-year-old is set to open his Happy Animals Club shelter, which is currently under construction, to help more stray animals.

Ken, who lives in Davao City, explained he wants to help the high number of stray dogs who are put down for ‘no reason’.


‘I came up with the idea for the Happy Animals Club when I was thinking that there may be more kill shelters than actual shelters for animals,’ he explained.

‘I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason.’

He added: ‘So far I have three dogs but I hope to care for more, as well as feed skinny dogs on the street when I see them.

‘The next step will be to raise enough money to care for as many dogs as possible.’


The £27,000 in donations helped the youngster buy a plot of land for his shelter, as well as the building materials and carpenters to help him build it.

The remainder of the money has been used to care for three dogs he already cares for called White Puppy, Brownie and Blackie.


Pictures: Caters, Imgur / i_believe_in_pizza

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