Man Flown To Caribbean Instead Of Spain In British Airways Mix Up


Most of us wouldn’t be completely devastated to find we were being flown to Grenada, the luxury Caribbean holiday destination, rather than Granada in Spain.

American dentist Edward Gamson and wife settled back for a first-class British Airways transit, but soon realised they were heading to the Caribbean on a flight 9 hours longer.

The couple had saved up for 2 years for their ‘dream holiday’ to Granada to see sights such as the Alhambra palace, and were furious to learn that it wasn’t going to happen any time soon.


When Edward complained to BA staff on the ground, he was amazed to discover it wasn’t the first time it had happened. Apparently, one of the ground crew exclaimed: ‘Not another one of these! We had another one of these happen last week.’

Lamenda Kingdon from Devon was the other person this had happened to, after she booked a trip to Granada as part of her bucket-list after being diagnosed with cancer. She also ended up in the Caribbean thanks to a mix up.

On that occasion, she was quickly reimbursed and Lamenda was later able to jet off on a dream trip to Omarama in New Zealand.

However despite an initial apology from BA staff and promises to rectify the situation, Mr Gamson and his partner ended up having to fly straight home to Washington, missing out the Spanish leg of their trip, something they had waited for, for 2 years.

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