Top 5 Tips For A Successful Tinder Profile


You’re using Tinder - we all know what this bloody app has a reputation for, so don’t act shy. You see a girl and think she’s fit, swipe right! Yeah, you might not talk to her in person unless you’ve had a few drinks - but Tinder is here to save the day! We can help you up your chances with these quick tips from Rhyanna at

1. Photos:

Photos are your first impression, make them count! Whatever you do, NO GROUP SHOTS ON THE MAIN IMAGE. Chances are she’ll fancy your fit friend Dave to your right, and I guarantee people will ask who he is. Don’t be that guy. Choose a photo of you that’s clear, just of you, maybe a selfie, and not taken on a lads holiday with a fishbowl. Please?

2. Bio:

Make yourself stand out a little! Add some of your personality in there, don’t leave it blank and DON’T put something really creepy!

3. Opening Lines:

These are important. DON’T go in with ‘Hi’, that’s what 99% of their matches will say - think of something better to say. Maybe a compliment?

4. Sex:

DON’T mention sex too early on (if at all)! You don’t want to be that guy who pesters women on Tinder, hoping one day that he’ll get laid by the law of statistics.

5. Date:

When asking matches on a date, make it sound fun and casual - not intense and weird. “If you’re free later this week, fancy getting a drink?”.

Follow these tips and get swiping!

If you’re struggling on tinder, can give you a hand.

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