UKIP Carnival Is ‘A Disaster’ After Steel Band Refuse To Play

A UKIP mini-carnival has been deemed ‘a disaster’ after a steel band refused to play.

The band claim they had no idea what they had been booked for, and upon realising it was a ‘UKIP mini-carnival’, refused to play. The thought of the Ukip leader embracing Afro-Caribbean traditions in hope of appealing to ethnic minority voters was just too good for most journalists to miss, so they were out in force when the event kicked-off earlier this afternoon.

Apparently, the steel drum group had no idea that this particular carnival was organised by Ukip, and weren’t too happy when they realised. Although I’m not sure how you can make a mistake like that.

The main attraction was supposed to be Nigel Firage, but he didn’t turn up. I think that speaks for itself.

What a shambles.

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