Unlucky Man ‘Rejected By 5,000 Women’ On Facebook

A man who played the numbers game when trying to find women on Facebook has failed dramatically after apparently being rejected 5,000 times.

Serbian Predrag Jovanovic had employed the strategy in the hopes of meeting a partner but was disappointed when most of the people he contacted didn’t reply.

‘I got only 15 responses and they were all negative,’ the 34-year-old said.

‘All 15 politely refused to be my girlfriend, while the rest of them simply ignored me. When someone ignores you that is the worst thing of all.’

Jovanovic vowed to continue his quest to find a woman online because he said he had little choice as women in his town near Belgrade were either married or grandmothers.

The lonely Serb also admitted he was shy and found speaking to the opposite sex through the internet easier.

‘All I am asking is for someone to take a chance on me, meet up and we take it from there,’ he added.

‘I know I risk getting into the record books as the biggest Facebook romantic flop of all time but it is worth the risk.’

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