Woman Has A Three Hour Orgasm!

Eric looks very pleased with himself…

A woman was taken to hospital in agony after enduring a three-hour orgasm.

The woman, known only as Liz from Seattle, in the US, became concerned when the pleasure continued long after she had finished having sex with her boyfriend Eric.

By the second hour, the continual orgasms were no longer enjoyable and she was taken to hospital.

At first confused medics thought she was in labour but were eventually able to get her to stop having orgasms when they realised what the problem was.

‘I started hopping up and down to see if that would do anything,’ Liz said.

‘I started trying to drink wine to see if that would calm down my system. I tried just about every possible thing I could do to stop having an orgasm.’

The story of Liz’s orgasm was told on TLC show Sex Sent Me to the ER.

Source: www.metro.co.uk

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