Woman’s Parking Obstructs Van, Aldi Staff Smash It Up


Supermarket staff broke into a woman’s car and rolled it into a bush so a truck could make a delivery.

Janina Wasiuta discovered her Ford Fiesta dumped in some bushes, with the windows broke, after she parked in a spot that obstructed a delivery truck.


Store staff informed her that they had damaged the car as they needed to make space for a delivery truck.

While Janina is furious at the actions of the store, an Aldi spokesperson said they moved the car as a ‘very last resort’.


‘Our store staff had searched for the owner of the vehicle for more than four hours. They had also contacted the local police to try and obtain the registered owner’s details,’ they said.

Aldi have offered to pay for the repairs but Ms Wasiuta said the ordeal had left her very upset.

‘Their attitude has been disgusting. I’m really shocked by it all and I found it really quite distressing,’ she said.

Police are treating the incident as criminal damage.

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