Drunk Russian Moose Falls In Pool After All Day Session


A Russian moose had to be rescued from a pond after a drunken rampage through the city.

Monty, as he is now known, got tanked up eating fermented berries before his impromptu excursion to see the bright lights of Semenov.

A police officer who pulled Monty out of the water said the animal nearly drowned because he was so plastered.

‘The beast was bonkers on booze,’ said officer Pavel Mihachkov. ‘It was a magnificent specimen but he was so sozzled he could barely stand.’

He added: ‘We managed to rope him and get him transported to an animal shelter for the night where he slept it off.

‘Vets said the moose had the mother and father of all hangovers the next day but he will soon be OK.’

Falling fruit from trees can ferment on the ground, resulting in some weak-willed animals getting a bit carried away.

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