Mexico’s World Cup Reporter Is NO Adrian Chiles


This is Vanessa Huppenkothen, the Mexican reporter who became a viral hit during the Brazil vs Mexico game last night.

Our picture of her spread like wildfire across Facebook during the game so we decided to give her a little background check.

She is absolutely NO Adrian Chiles, or Gabby Logan for that matter. (Sorry Gabby, you’re still fit.)

Ms Huppenkothen is the latest stunning Mexican football presenter to steal the limelight after attention had been given to Ines Sainz and Mariana Gonzalez.

She is one of a handful of absolute goddesses to be gracing the pitches in Rio this year.

Spain, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina have all shown off their prize assets with a microphone and they’ve been taking social media by storm.

Thank you South America (and some parts of Europe).

You’ve been making our home countries performance easier to deal with.

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