England Fans Ranked Top Of Social Media World Cup


Fan science company Starcount has researched the activity of hundreds of millions of football fans worldwide, analysing their engagement with participating World Cup nations across 12 of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

The results show English fans have the strongest social media presence, beating Germany for the top spot..

Team + ‘Starscore’

1. England – 334, 017

2. Brazil – 326,023

3. USA – 305,714

4. Germany – 304,111

5. France – 302,182

6. Italy – 295,812

7. Japan – 289,653

8. Spain – 256,945

9. Portugal – 244,063

10. Colombia – 243,919

The data shows that, in the digital age, England can lay claim to having the most passionate and engaged football fans in the world.

How does it work? Each team’s ‘Starscore’ is derived from aggregating social media data from the world’s top social media platforms, before a ‘smart formula’ is applied, reflecting the scale and reach of the various networks.

The analysis has shown England leading the way, with:

• A daily average of 17,729 retweets on Twitter
• 57,661,191 views of YouTube videos
• Over 2.2m followers on Sina Weibo, China’s leading social network

In other words, we’re all lazy bastards, but at least we beat the Germans at something.

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