Yaya Toure Not Happy With Manchester City, Again


Yaya Toure has hit out at Manchester City for a 2nd time after the club ‘disrespects him’ again.

But it’s all but understandable for the Ivory Coast star, who was refused compassionate leave to see is dying brother.

Speaking to France Football, Toure said: ‘At the end of the season, I wanted to stay for four or five days with my brother before I flew to prepare for the World Cup with Ivory Coast, except that City did not want to grant me a few days.

‘I went to celebrate the title championship in Abu Dhabi while my brother was lying in his sickbed. By fortune, Kolo was at his bedside. After that I blame myself for not insisting and for not making them respect me.

‘However, club officials knew very well that I was suffering for a few months as the health of my brother declined. This is the reason I had several injuries at the end of the season, because my head had taken control of my body. These last four months have probably been the hardest in my life.’

Yaya and Kolo Toure have both decided to stay on with Ivory Coast at the World Cup following news of their brother’s death.

Earlier this summer, Toure sparked speculation of an Ethiad exit, accusing City of disrespecting him by not celebrating his birthday.

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