Joe Hart’s Cringiest TV Adverts

There’s no doubt about it that Joe Hart is England’s number 1 choice. But being that person often comes with it’s downsides..

And when you’re number 1. You usually have to do all sorts of corny TV adverts. Joe Hart has quickly become the master..

4. Doritos - He doesn’t say much in this, but his dramatic horn distraction acting says everything about it.

3. Iklan Big Cola - This was never going to be good. Terrible special effects, “Hi, I’m Joe Hart” and a classic refreshing sip at the end. Jesus christ.

2. He’s not the only culprit in this one. But it’s worth mentioning. It’s one of those cringy, ‘together we stand’, 3 Lions, red and white army patriotic affairs. And it’s nails on a chalk board.

1. Pretty much the only reason why the article was made. This is the corniest piece of TV work in decades. The long and short of it is basically, if you have good hair, you’ll win the World Cup. I hope the money’s good Joey.