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Morgan Freeman As ‘DJ Mel Mounds’ In 1971 Is Incredible

He might be an Oscar-winning actor and household name now, but it wasn’t always the case for Morgan Freeman.

However as this clip from a 1971 edition of children’s educational show The Electric Company proves, he has always been impossibly cool.

The footage - which was originally posted to YouTube in 2010 but is currently enjoying renewed popularity – sees the actor in his role as fast-talking DJ Mel Mounds on the show, which ran from 1971-1977 in the US.

And it sees the actor keeping his cool even as he has to deal with an irate phone caller – sounding rather like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin – who can’t quite understand why he’s been called up for a song request.

Freeman also won himself a legion of preteen fans on The Electric Company as The Easy Reader, a silver-tongued bookworm who spent much of his screen time singing about his love of reading, as can be seen in the clip below.