Possibly The Greatest Japanese Prank We’ve Seen Thus Far

An early-morning gaze at Mount Fuji sounds romantic enough – but not when catapulted into the air, strapped to a bed with fireworks spraying out the sides.

One unwitting man experienced just that, who, on the wrong end of a cruel prank, awoke to find himself hooked to a sling shot.

Japanese television shows do have a reputation for staging some of the most elaborate and extravagant pranks, but this one could take the biscuit.

After a 10-second countdown a comedian, called Toshiaki Kasuga, is flung 50 metres into the air to the backdrop of Japan’s highest mountain.

According to website Kotaku, Kasuga managed to stay asleep through the whole preparations of strapping him in and rigging the cabin by passing out…drunk.

In a radio interview Kasuga apparently said that he was at the base of the mountain for work, but in order to stay warm through the cold evenings got drunk with the crew and ‘crashed out.’

Source: Metro

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